Sticky Road

Sticky Road

Sticky Road is a hilarious and addictive test of reflexes and timing. How far can you drive without getting stuck in this physics-based game?

Sticky Road will take you on a challenging and unexpected adventure on a tricky track. This game combines humor, skill, and strategy, giving you a unique experience unlike any other. Or, you can also experience this physical gameplay with Happy Wheels and Gorilla Adventure.

How To Play


The gameplay of this game is the perfect blend of challenging and (possibly) fun. Players will control characters, have strange vehicles, and overcome levels full of obstacles. From jagged paths full of spikes to dangerous traps and unexpected jumps, you will have to use your skills and quick reflexes to overcome every challenge. Each level is uniquely designed, bringing unexpected situations and requiring you to use your intelligence to find a way to overcome them.

The game mode in Sticky Road is not diverse, with a single single-player challenge. However, the richness of the terrain and the unique characters and vehicles are enough to make things difficult for every player. Explore the entire map with each character to try out different strategies. Everything in this chaotic world is decided by you.

Control Your Character

You'll use the arrow keys or WASD to move and jump, along with function keys to perform special actions.