Stickman Climb

Stickman Climb

Challenge yourself in a stunning physics-based climbing game, Stickman Climb. Take control of a daring stick figure, wielding a trusty hammer or pickaxe!

Stickman Climb introduces you to a fun climbing journey on complex platforms. In this game, you will maneuver a stickman trapped in a jar, and your real task is to use the character's ax to climb and overcome challenges. Your goal is to guide the character to avoid all dangers and safely reach the finish line.

The game includes 30 appealing levels, with many collections of axes and jars waiting for you to unlock. To advance to the next level, you must complete the mission in the previous round, so patience and tactical variety are crucial to winning this physics-based climbing game. Do not worry! This adventure is designed in a side-scrolling style, which is easier than the endless climbing challenges. Get ready and start your journey to conquer the peak with Stickman Climb. Let's enjoy it!

How to Control

You just need to use the left and right, or the A and D keys, to direct the character's movement. Pay attention to the flag points because these are checkpoints. When reaching this position, subsequent incidents will push the victim back to this checkpoint instead of the starting line. If you encounter problems, just press R to respawn at the nearest checkpoint.

Other Climbing Gameplay

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