Phoodle is a chef-themed game, offering unlimited playability. Inspired by Wordle, this puzzle game is designed to delight food enthusiasts. Just like in Wordle, you have six attempts to guess a five-letter word related to food. It can be an ingredient, a cooking method, a renowned chef, or anything culinary.

After each guess, you'll receive hints in the form of colored letters. Green signifies a correct letter in the right position, while yellow indicates a correct letter but in the wrong spot. Gray letters signify that they don't appear in the word. Guessing the word correctly rewards you with an interesting food fact or tip. Every day brings a fresh word to challenge your food knowledge!


How To Play

Phoodle is a game inspired by Wordle, focusing on kitchen-related words. Guess from 5 letters and earn blue marks for correct letters and yellow marks for correct letters in the wrong position. Gray characters do not appear in Phoodle. Explore a wide range of kitchen-related words and objects. Use your kitchen knowledge to uncover the answers, starting with items like water or spoon. Replay the game as many times as you like for unlimited fun and exploration.


Choose a valid 5-letter word associated with food.

  • Attempt to guess the word of the day within six tries.

  • The color of the tiles will indicate the accuracy of your guess after each attempt.

  • Aim to make as many correct guesses as possible and share your score.