Nightmare Kart

Nightmare Kart

Gear up for a ghoulish grudge match in Nightmare Kart! Sharpen your spectral senses, outrun bone-chilling rivals, and navigate ghostly hazards.

Nightmare Kart will throw you into ancient lands full of unimaginable dangers. Get ready to enter a spectacular racing season with breathtaking turns. And yet, you can also encounter scary monsters and ghosts. Everything is challenging your skills and courage. Hop on the virtual car and hold the steering wheel for skillful driving moves to win!

Explore the Creative Gameplay

The vehicles in Nightmare Kart also have an exotic look. The motorbikes in this game are also skeletons, devil's horns, spooky lanterns, and so on. Your task is to navigate the vehicle through the breathtaking streets of this gothic neighborhood.

Let mystery and ancient mysteries guide you to ultimate experiences. You will definitely be hooked from the first try with the constant challenges. If you are a fan of the racing genre, don't miss this game!

How to Control

This racing game will have a quite complicated key system. You need to control the driving character in combination with attacking opponents.

  • Accelerate: W key
  • Brake/Reverse: Left Shift
  • Drift: Spacebar
  • Use Power Up: Up arrow key
  • Drop Power Up: E key
  • Boost: Down key
  • Look left: Left arrow key
  • Look right: Right arrow key

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