Hill Climb Race Egg

Hill Climb Race Egg

Let your ingenuity control every balancing act in Hill Climb Race Egg! This addictive physics-based driving game will keep you engaged all day long.

Hill Climb Race Egg will challenge your ability to balance, adjust speed, and have extreme dexterity. This physics-based driving game promises to be addictive for any player. Not only are the tricky routes appealing, but so are the accompanying missions. You will control a small car with a cracked egg on top. Try to go as far as possible before the egg falls out.

Explore the Skilled Gameplay

The vehicle in this game will be affected by physics. Moving through rough roads will cause the vehicle to lose balance. Your mission is to control this car to collect coins, get to the gas station on time, and keep the egg safe. Your achievement will be the distance the vehicle travels before the egg breaks.

To make the game more addictive, the in-game shop has extremely diverse vehicles. You can use the accumulated coins to buy these egg carriers. Each type of vehicle will have different egg trays, physical properties, and wheel characteristics. Are you confident in owning all of these car and truck collections?

Control Your Eggy Car

  • [↑] or [W]: go straight and accelerate.
  • [↓] or [S]: reduce speed and go reverse.
  • [←] or [A]: lean to the left of the screen.
  • [→] or [D]: lean to the right of the screen.

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