Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Rebirth

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Rebirth

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Rebirth is an exhilarating level within the popular rhythm-based platforming game, Geometry Dash. This level serves as a tribute and sequel to the iconic Sonic Wave level, offering players a renewed and intensified experience. Sonic Wave Rebirth pushes the boundaries of difficulty, precision, and creativity, captivating players with its challenging gameplay and visually stunning design.

How To Play

0-8%: This section features a normal speed cube with tricky timings and a block maze where the player must click at the right time to avoid hitting the blue orb.

9-18%: A double speed ship sequence with saw-blades, gravity changes, and size alterations, along with spikes interspersed on the slopes.

19-28%: The player becomes a short mini cube, bouncing on gravity plates and hitting the gravity orb precisely. Transition to a half-speed ball section with precise timings. Switch gravity to avoid spikes in the double mini ball passage.

29-41%: A challenging triple-speed wave segment with tight spaces, saw-blades, and a mini-wave section with more saw-blades.

42-56%: A very challenging mini-wave section with precise holding and releasing of the space button, followed by a wave section with fake line trolling. Fast clicking required in the subsequent mini wave section to avoid saw-blades.

56-65%: A cube section requiring spamming to hit all orbs, with changing speed.

65-77%: A difficult wave section with tight spaces and saw-blades, transitioning to a dual wave with specific directions to avoid spikes and invisible blocks.

78-87%: A half-speed mini-wave section to avoid saw-blades and blocks, followed by navigating tight spaces between slopes and a memory-based cube section.

88-96%: A challenging wave section with narrow spaces, transitioning to a mini-wave section with tight spaces and saw-blades, and then a half-speed wave section with small slopes.

96-100%: The player encounters a platform with names and a triple spike. The level ends with the text "In Loving Memory of Rick & Grandpa" and "GG".

User Coins

The first coin is located at 8% at the end of the first cube segment. In the fourth cube section, you can find the second coin at 55%. The third and final coin can be found at 98% in the last cube section.