Geometry Dash Clubstep

Geometry Dash Clubstep is an exhilarating level in the popular rhythm-based platforming game, Geometry Dash. Clubstep provides players with an intense and adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience. This level is widely recognized for its challenging obstacles, fast-paced rhythm, and captivating visuals that keep players engaged from start to finish.

How To Play

Clubstep presents a greater challenge compared to its predecessors, with intricate maneuvers in tight spaces and minimal time to react, further intensified by deceptive obstacles. The level incorporates perplexing elements such as faux spikes, fading spikes, and fading blocks. Fake spikes are often combined with fading spikes, making it harder to distinguish them. Hazardous rings are a common occurrence during cube and ball sequences. Gravity alteration plays a significant role in cube sequences, featuring combinations of pads and rings, as well as demanding precise ship-handling skills in ship sequences with gravity portals.

Secret Coins

  1. The first hidden coin can be found at 9% and is collected during the cube segment. When encountering a diagonal line of three jump rings, hit the second one to access a gap in a spiky obstacle and grab the coin. Slide up and hit a jump ring followed by a gravity ring to return to the main path. 
  2. The second coin is located at 71% and requires quick reflexes as a UFO. To obtain the coin, swiftly navigate through an alternate path with closely spaced fading spikes, jumping over three and passing under two.
  3. The third hidden coin awaits at 96% during the ship section. Fly down through the gap in the first demon construction and collect the coin after regaining control. Gathering all three coins and completing the level will reward you with an additional UFO.


Prior to Update 2.0, Clubstep required the collection of 20 hidden coins. Throughout the level, you'll encounter 38 constructions resembling devil faces, composed of blocks with varied spikes as teeth, and revolving ornaments, pulsators, or rings as eyes. The rewards for completing Clubstep are distinct:

  • Only Clubstep, Cycles, and xStep award icons when completed in practice mode. Additionally, Clubstep is the only level that rewards a UFO.
  • Completing Clubstep in regular mode grants a unique color, exclusive to this level.
  • Clubstep is associated with a Steam-only achievement called SteamStep!, which awards an extra cube upon completing the level in regular mode.



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