Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry Dash Bloodbath is an intense and challenging level in the popular game series Geometry Dash. While there is no official Geometry Dash Bloodbath game, it is a widely known and highly difficult custom level. It offers a brand new experience for players, pushing their skills to the limit. The objective of the game is to navigate through various obstacles and reach the end of each level.

How To Play

The Bloodbath level is divided into different sections, each presenting unique challenges and obstacles. Here is a breakdown of the gameplay from 0% to 100%:

0-10% (Weoweoteo):

The level starts with a ship game and transitions into a black and red color scheme. Players encounter double-speed cube and triple-speed ship sequences, navigating through gravity portals and flying through tight spaces.

10-25% (Vermillion):

This section features a triple-speed ship phase with maneuver flying. Gravity changes quickly, and players must fly against a slope to reach an open area. A half-speed ball section follows with precise timing required.

25-33% (Michigun):

The pace slows down, and players face a tranquil passage with spikes, chains, and thorns. A 1-block narrow ship sequence and a ball scene similar to the previous one challenge players' reflexes and memory.

33-41% (Evasium):

The backdrop lightens, and players navigate a triple-speed wave, UFO, and cube sequences. Timing and gravity changes play a crucial role in this section.

42-53% (Crack):

The level shifts to a higher key, introducing a blood-red scenery and challenging ship and cube sequences. Flying through "monster" obstacles and precise timing tests players' skills.

54-70% (ASonicMen):

Players encounter a triple-speed micro UFO, flying through gears and spikes while adjusting gravity and size. A ball sequence with memory-based gameplay and blue spheres challenges players' focus.

71-79% (Etzer):

This section features a challenging triple-speed regular size UFO with gravity gateways. A ship sequence requires precise landing and navigating through obstacles.

80-87% (Havok):

Players navigate a ball section with timing-based challenges, followed by a UFO sequence with gear obstacles and gravity changes. A normal-speed wave and cube section continue the intense gameplay.

88-92% (Giron):

A triple-speed upside-down ship sequence with limited space and obstacles tests players' flying skills. A dual cube sequence and a short auto section lead to the next part.

93-98% (Ggb0y):

A half-speed ball section similar to Cataclysm challenges players' timing and precision. A ship sequence and another ball section with false blocks ramp up the difficulty.

98-100% (Riot):

The final section consists of a cube auto sequence with "GG" and "RIOT" messages. Players must navigate carefully to avoid invisible spikes. An optional secret path reveals an Easter egg.