Bomb It 7

Prepare for an epic battle in Bomb It 7! Detonate bombs strategically, outwit your enemies, and come out on top in this explosive bomber-inspired brawl.

Bomb It 7 is the ultimate combination of sophisticated strategies and unique action gameplay. Prepare for an explosive bomb adventure with this exciting version of the Bomb It series. This challenge will immerse you in a colorful world, full of charm and endless challenges. Players need to continuously combine diverse gameplay to respond to each situation. You will be taken into a maze full of mysteries, where moving and throwing bombs is not only a matter of strength but also of intelligence.

In Bomb It 7, you will have the opportunity to customize your character with a variety of options, from costumes to helmets to bomb shapes. You can also upgrade your bombs to increase their power and explosion range. To start the challenge, choose a game mode that can satisfy your entertainment needs. Those modes include Arcade, Battle Royale, New Pacman, Select Collector, and Ice Man. The menu clearly states the goal of each option. Enjoy and fight like a true warrior now!

How To Play

The Remarkable Power-Up System

These great Bomb It 7 upgrades are available in your main gameplay round. Explore and collect to make your character stronger!

  • Power-ups: bomb, power blast, speed, life, shield, bomb launcher, and invincibility.
  • Weapons: flamethrower, lightning gun, hammer, electric gun, Thor hammer, ice gun, and doll bomb.
  • Vehicles: stag, cart, horse, and skateboard.

Control Your Characters(s)

  • Single-player mode: You use the arrow keys to navigate the character and press the spacebar to place bombs.
  • Two-player: Player 1 uses WASD and the spacebar, while Player 2 uses the arrow keys and the enter key.

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