Backrooms is an exciting horror game where you can experience thrilling adventures. It's similar to other popular horror games, but you'll need to come up with a smart strategy to control and win. In this online game, you won't encounter scary monsters or typical jump scares. Your main objective is to escape from a strange building as quickly as possible. However, everything in this building is different and set up in an unusual way, creating a creepy atmosphere.

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How To Play Backrooms

Your character finds themselves in a strange place with various unusual rooms and corridors. These spaces are old, abandoned, and haven't been visited in a long time. To win the game, you must figure out the shortest route to escape using your clever thinking.

It's not uncommon for horror games to feature eerie noises, and Backrooms is no exception. You might hear strange sounds coming from a distant corner. Is there someone else there? If so, this "someone" doesn't seem to be on your side. As you continue exploring, it becomes harder to distinguish whether certain mysterious events are real or just figments of your imagination. Stay focused and be ready to leave immediately. Make sure you make choices wisely, as there are different outcomes awaiting you at the end.

Notice for You

To create a good strategy, you need to explore every corner of the building. During this process, you might stumble upon an exit. But don't get too excited yet, because this is where the first challenge awaits. Take a careful look around the room. Sometimes, you'll find strange and useless objects scattered around. These objects serve as clues to help you solve tasks, so don't ignore them. Occasionally, you may discover notes left behind by someone else. The question is, who wrote them? It could be a valuable clue from a previous player with the same goal as you, or it could be a misleading strategy from your opponent.

Levels In Backrooms 

Level 0

This level is known as the "Corridor" and is depicted in the original photograph of Backrooms. It features yellow walls, rotting carpeting, and fluorescent lighting. Hostile and disfigured creatures called "hunting dogs" can be encountered here.

Level 1

To reach Level 1, players must leave the "noclip zone" and continue playing from Level 0. In Level 1, there will be machinery and the risk of encountering a warehouse filled with fog and standing water. The lights in the room may flicker or go out intermittently.

Level 2

This is the darkest level in Backrooms. It resembles a long tunnel with an industrial aesthetic. To access Level 2, players must complete Level 1. Level 2 poses a greater challenge and is the only way to escape the predicament. Players must stay calm, observe their surroundings, and search for clues that will lead them to safety in order to win Backrooms quickly.

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