Backgammon Narde

Backgammon Narde

Get ready to test your skills in a traditional board game, Backgammon Narde! Strategic moves and calculated risks will lead you to victory.

Backgammon Narde is an ancient two-player gambling game that offers thrilling intellectual challenges and stunning odds. This board game with a long history can now be easily enjoyed right on your internet-connected device.

Grasp the Game Rules

  • Each player places his 15 pieces in the prescribed starting positions on the board.
  • The white pieces move from right to left and down in an arc. The black piece moves in the opposite direction.
  • Roll two dice and move your pieces according to the total number of points rolled. You can move a piece the number of steps equal to the dice points or divide it equally between two pieces.
  • When moving, if you move to a position with your opponent's only piece, that piece will be "captured" and must be reset to its starting position.
  • After moving all your pieces around the board, you can start moving them "home".
  • The first player to move all of their pieces into the house and "remove" all of their pieces from the board is the winner.

To Create a Good Strategy

Luck decides pretty much everything in Backgammon Narde from the roll of the dice. However, there is still some advice for you:

  • Look for opportunities to create an offensive position and "capture" your opponent's pieces.
  • Prevent opponents from attacking your "home" by creating obstacles.

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