3D Bowling

3D Bowling

Step into the electrifying world of 3D Bowling! Feel the thrill of the lane, perfect your precision shot, and witness the pins crumble in stunning 3D!

3D Bowling is a technical game with addictive gameplay that can keep you immersed for hours. With two game modes, you can practice or compete with opponents. In practice mode, you will have the option of 5 or 10 throws. We will record and summarize the scores of these throws to determine the final score. In competitive mode, you will get to choose your opponent. If you are a new player, choose an amateur player to challenge. Once you get more familiar, you can choose to confront a skilled player. If you are confident in your excellent level, challenge the experts and see the results!

The rules of 3D Bowling are very easy to understand. You will win when your final score is higher than your opponent's. The number of throws in each round is up to you to decide. Except for the first throw with one shot and the last throw three times, the remaining turns will be done twice with the same set of batteries. Try to take advantage of this so you can knock out all the batteries in your throw!

Rolling the ball

To make your turn, you just need to drag and drop the mouse along a trajectory similar to an actual ball throw. Hold down the mouse to align the direction, move one line up in the desired direction, and release to throw the ball.

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