Tomb of the Mask Color

Tomb of the Mask Color

Descend into the captivating depths of Tomb of the Mask Color! Unravel maze-like puzzles, paint your path to victory, and unveil the secrets buried within!

Tomb of the Mask Color welcomes you to colorful mazes in a unique adventure. Immersed in closed basements with magical neon lights, you will maneuver a small character whose movement is dash. Your task is to navigate the moving entity around the maze and fill the map with color. Only when every position is colored will the round be completed and a new level will open. Challenges in Tomb of the Mask Color also include obstacles that need to be avoided, which are small bullets. If the character is hit, the round will return to the beginning.

This arcade game requires subtle strategies in every move. You need to diversify your strategies after each losing turn to find ways to solve these complex mazes. In addition, adjust the time the bullets appear to quickly cover every position. Take advantage of the maze designs to perform divine dashes. You will officially beat this entertaining game when you complete 100 challenging levels. Are you confident that you will become a professional with this impressive achievement?

How to play

You just need to use the arrow keys to control the character. Please understand the movement characteristics of this small creature to have effective strategies. Good luck!

Similar Games

Tomb of the Mask Color is the sequel to Tomb Of The Mask, a hit maze exploration and puzzle game. Besides, players can also see similar gameplay characteristics in Pacman 30th Anniversary.