T-Rex AI

T-Rex AI invites you to step into a time machine and return to prehistoric times with desert roads full of dangers. You will maneuver your dinosaur to participate in a never-ending run. Your task is not to let the character touch the obstacles along the road. Cactuses or even other obstructing objects can cause you to lose if you collide with them. You will not be able to predict what will happen during your round. Even the character's movement speed is extremely unpredictable. Remember that small dinosaur owners will tend to speed up after each certain segment. Therefore, you should always be in a focused state of mind to improvise promptly.

The Unique Features

  • Simple graphics in T-Rex AI help prevent background distractions.
  • The gameplay is simple but challenging because the obstacles are extremely unpredictable.
  • What do you think about a “Bot Activated” experience? Open the game and see what this unique feature has to offer!

Control Your Dinosaur

You just need to use the spacebar or up arrow key to control the character's jump. To avoid creatures at high altitude, press the down arrow key to make your dinosaur lower its head and continue.

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