Take on a swinging challenge in Swingo! Use ropes to navigate through tricky levels, dodge hazards, and collect coins in this physics-based adventure.

Swingo will take you to an encounter with an adorable bouncy character who can only move with a grappling hook. This engaging arcade game is a combination of the platform genre and simple but fun action gameplay. You will control the character's movements by throwing hooks. The goal in each level is to feed the character with a delicious pear. The cute character's journey through seven worlds will be extremely arduous, with increasingly complex terrain. You will only be able to unlock the level after successfully completing the mission in the previous game. In addition, the game also has a timer feature in each round. Your performance will depend on this indicator. Can you become the fastest winner?

The world of Swingo also has many funny bouncy characters. To be able to unlock these "companions", players need to conquer certain levels. In each round, your number of hook drops is unlimited. Therefore, just enjoy it in your own way, as long as you can win.

How to Control

There are two ways for you to control the main character: using the keyboard or using the mouse:

  • Use the mouse: You just need to hold down and move the mouse to adjust the direction of the hook. Then, just release your hand to let the character take the turn.
  • Use the keyboard: You use the arrow keys to adjust direction and the spacebar to move.

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