Stickman Climb 2

Stickman Climb 2

Stickman Climb 2 builds upon the addictive gameplay of the original, offering a fresh challenge for seasoned climbers and newcomers alike!

Stickman Climb 2 features the most attractive features of its predecessor and expands with unique features. Go on a journey through difficult platforms with a stuck stickman now! Your mission is to guide the character to the finish line without any incidents. Or, you can absolutely use the checkpoint as an ideal respawn location. This sequel retains the addictive gameplay of its predecessor. Then, the game still has a series of new features that you should not ignore.

Unlock Novel Features

  • More levels with more diverse and rich terrain, from snow-capped mountains to deep canyons.
  • Maps with layered design open up more gameplay and more challenging routes.
  • Join multiplayer with friends, compete in climbing and see who can reach the top the fastest.
  • Timer feature for each level to set progress goals in future plays.
  • Unlock new areas with unique secrets and rewards.
  • Change your stickman's appearance with many new costumes, hats, axes and backpacks.

How to Control

  • Single-player Mode: You can use the left and right arrows or the A and D keys to navigate your character.
  • Two-player Mode: Player 1 (the blue stickman) uses the A and D keys. Meanwhile, Player 2 (the red stickman) uses the left and right arrow keys.

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