Hide N Seek

Hide N Seek is a fun 3D simulation game called that recreates the classic childhood game. Find the elusive kids as they hide around the house, putting your search skills to the test and keeping you on your toes.

How To Play

Your mission is to find the kids that now have disappeared. In order to find the children who are hidden, search every room and cupboard in the house. Each level presents greater difficulty as the number of children grows and a wider playing area to explore. But don't worry, you can use helpful upgrades to make your search easier. Utilize tools like a compass, stick, x-ray, or even a trusty dog friend to find them.


  • Use mouse to look around and interact with objects and kids.
  • Move using the WASD keys.
  • Double press the Esc key to display the cursor.


  • Engaging 3D visuals with a vibrant and colorful aesthetic.
  • Increasingly larger maps as players progress through levels.
  • Upgrades to enhance searching abilities.
  • Playable on both web and mobile devices.
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