Control your stick figures in to swallow up opponents and grow larger as you dominate the arena in this addictive casual game. is the ultimate skill and strategy game with collecting, upgrading, and fighting gameplay. You will play the role of a talented military leader recruiting his army to fight terrifying monsters. Your mission is to capture warriors by dropping them into a hole. Pay attention to the size of the hole to have appropriate collecting strategies to get the strongest warriors. Furthermore, time pressure is also an important factor to pay attention to. You need to optimize your time to have unbeatable pieces for the uncompromising battle.

Let’s Collect and Fight!

Players control the hole by holding down and moving the mouse around. Direct the entity to move in as wide a range as possible to collect all the characters in the field. When a certain amount of energy is stored, the crater will widen, allowing you to collect big warriors easier.

Plus, use bonuses to activate awesome bonuses. You can buy more time, increase the initial hole size, and increase the fighting power of your army. You cannot know how powerful the boss is, so try to equip your army with the best equipment to increase your chances of victory.

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