Snake is a classic arcade game that has been enjoyed by millions of players over the years. The objective of the game is simple: control a snake and guide it around the screen to eat food and grow longer. However, the challenge lies in avoiding collisions with the snake's own body and the walls of the play area.

How To Play

Control the snake using arrow keys or swipe gestures on mobile devices. As you move, the snake will continue to grow with each piece of food it consumes. The game becomes progressively more difficult as the snake becomes longer and the space to maneuver becomes tighter.

Tips And Tricks

  • Planning your moves ahead of time to avoid getting trapped.
  • Utilizing the edges of the play area strategically.
  • Aiming to create opportunities for the snake to eat food without sacrificing its own safety.

It's also important to maintain a balance between collecting food to grow and avoiding collisions.


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