Run 2

Run 2 will put your reflexes to the test! Race through mind-bending landscapes, dodge electrifying obstacles, and prove your futuristic piloting prowess!

Run 2 will take you on a journey through space with beautiful sparkling stars. Your challenge in this running game is to try to overcome complex terrains with tricky platforms. You will maneuver a small alien with a strong will to explore. Each level will be a new challenge, requiring more skills. Run 2 starts with a round of play that only requires you to control the character left, right, or simply jump. The difficulty then increases with the gravity-changing nature of the alien's movements, making spectacular jumps to cross platforms, and so on. Are you ready to face this dangerous but attractive space road?

In this game, players will choose one of two characters. Be careful, because you will not be able to change this important choice during the main round. Can an alien with moderate movement or a high frequency entity satisfy your passion? Find an ideal companion character and start this arduous journey now!

Adventure with the alien

You will not be able to manage the character's movement speed. Instead, use the left or right arrow keys to navigate the entity. Besides, players need to press the spacebar flexibly to jump up or switch gravity for the aliens.

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