Enjoy the timeless tile-based game of Rummikub! Arrange tiles into sets and runs to be the first to play all your tiles in this beloved family game.

Rummikub is a card game that challenges the player's luck and smart strategy. What would you think when these two seemingly unrelated elements appear together in one game? Try Rummikub now to discover this uniqueness and creativity! To become a real pro, you need to understand the rules of the game first.

How To Play

Step-by-step Guide to Play

  • Each player will receive 14 tiles.
  • You need to arrange your cards into groups, which can be the same number or a series of numbers in ascending order.
  • For a series of numbers in ascending order, the numbers must have the same color.
  • Your first play will be worth 30 points.
  • A tile with a smiley face symbol can replace any value.
  • Take advantage of the tiles on the table to make the next turn with the same combination rules.
  • The player who takes down all the tiles first wins.

Play Your Turn

Click on the number icon on the right to arrange the existing tiles. To select a card, simply drag and drop it to the middle of the table. To select multiple cards, hold down the mouse button until you reach the end of the row you want to lower. After completing your turn, click on the green tick icon to switch turns to the next player.

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