FreeCell is a popular solitaire card game. This game has gained widespread popularity due to its challenging gameplay and strategic factors. 

How To Play

In FreeCell, the main goal is to build four foundation piles in ascending order, from Ace to King, for each suit. Eight tableau piles and four foundation piles are present at the start of the game. To make sequences and eventually free up the tableau piles, players must carefully shift cards between the tableau and foundation piles.

A 52-card standard deck is used to play the game FreeCell. All cards are handed face-up at the start of the game, giving players time to plan their strategies. Depending on specific rules, players can move cards sequentially or one at a time, for example, adding cards to an empty tableau pile or stacking them in alternate colors.


Click and drag cards to move them between piles.


  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Numbered game sequences

Tips And Tricks

  • Plan ahead: Create a plan and consider several moves in advance by analyzing the tableau and foundation piles.
  • Focus on freeing up tableau piles: To open up more spaces in the tableau, try to shift cards to the foundation piles as fast as you can.
  • Prioritize building in descending order: When possible, try to arrange the tableau piles in decreasing sequences to increase the number of possible card motions.