Jet Rush

Jet Rush

Jet Rush is an exceptional platform game featuring incredible arcade-style gameplay. Take command of a cutting-edge jet plane and navigate it through a series of demanding courses and obstacles. The controls for piloting your jet are user-friendly, but the gameplay itself is far from simple! Your plane zooms at high speed, challenging you to skillfully evade obstacles and triumph over each level.

How To Play

Prepare to encounter dynamic moving platforms, narrow corners, and a flurry of twists and turns. Swift reactions and precise control are vital to prevent disastrous crashes. As you advance, collect coins strewn throughout the levels to unlock new jet models and upgrades, enhancing your gameplay experience!


  • Thrilling jet-powered city-traveling game with fast-paced gameplay, avoiding various platforms.
  • Experience different challenges as you cover more distance in your jet.
  • Collect credits along the way to unlock new jets and purchase items.
  • Keep track of your highest record to strive for new achievements.