Play Impostor and unravel the mystery! Step into the spacecraft, complete tasks, and uncover the impostors among your crewmates or hide your role.

Impostor is an interesting casual game with classy discoveries and crime solving but no less thrilling. Step on a spaceship moving uncertainty in space, do everything you can to survive. In the crew, there is an impostor trying to destroy every other entity. The crew must quickly find and eliminate this threat to win in the end.

To be able to spot fakers, pay attention to characters who act erratically. In particular, these villains like to hide in the shadows and try to do fake missions. This is the difficulty for the crew. If you are not subtle enough to detect the trespasser's mistakes, it will be difficult to press charges. Can you become a professional scammer with your cunning?

Start Your Round

You control the character's movement with the arrow keys or WASD.

Tips and Tricks

To have impressive experiences with Impostor, you can refer to some of the following tips:

  • Quickly grasp the fake mission. You can rely on the green toolbar to judge and create trust for the crew.
  • Use Sabotage to sabotage systems such as lights, oxygen, or reactors to cause chaos and divide the group.
  • Use the escape hatch after defeating a certain enemy to avoid detection.

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