Awesome Tanks 2

Awesome Tanks 2

Awesome Tanks 2: The exciting follow-up to the tanks warfare series requires you to arm your tank, join in explosive combat, and rule the battlefield. 

Awesome Tanks 2 will continue to refresh your combat experience after its challenging predecessor. Get ready for fierce competition in closed arenas. First of all, equip your tank with the most powerful weapons. Next, choose a difficulty level that will keep you immersed for hours, battling through a series of dramatic levels. When you enter the main round of Awesome Tanks 2, you must control your fighter to move around the field to detect and attack opponents. Because the weapon's range is limited, you need to keep a safe enough distance to shoot accurately. Pay attention to the tank's energy to make the necessary adjustments.

This game is truly a great symphony between tactics, combat skills, and strategic thinking. You must be flexible in adjusting your strategy to turn your tank into the most optimal weapon on the battlefield. With each bonus round, you can upgrade your tank with new features, from strength to protection, to increase survivability and destructive power. And remember, your ultimate goal is to defeat all the professional opponents lurking on each battlefield. Only in this way can you rise to the pinnacle of fame and become the greatest general in the history of Awesome Tanks.

Maneuver Your Fighter

With just simple arrow keys and mouse buttons, you can fully experience the most intense challenges in this game. Don't forget to practice many times and learn from failures, which is also an expensive lesson to improve.

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