World's Hardest Game 2

World's Hardest Game 2 will test your skills with tricky mazes, demanding timing, and nerve-wracking challenges in this sequel to the infamous game.

World's Hardest Game 2 will not be the ideal game for those who give up easily. This extreme challenge will be the ultimate test for every player, even the experts. Dangerous obstacle course gameplay will drag you into a never-ending loop of failure. You will definitely need to do it multiple times to be able to complete a level in this game. Continuously moving matrices of objects will make your cube a significant challenge. Your task is to guide this red square to the finish line when you have collected all the coins and reached the blue field.

The 50 levels of World's Hardest Game 2 are 50 tests of the player's ability to improvise and navigate flexibly. First, make sure you have certain strategies in place to start trying. Then, don't be afraid to diversify your strategies until you find an effective solution. Gamers need to take advantage of every corner in each box to be able to find ways to keep the main entity safe. Keep in mind, completing the mission requires collecting all the coins.

How to play

Not only is it about skills and tactics, but this is also a test of speed. You control the small square using the arrow keys. Remember that a slight collision with moving blocks causes your character to return to the starting line.

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