Downhill Chill

Downhill Chill

Let’s cruise down a scenic mountain landscape, performing tricks and soaking up the views in the chill vibes of Downhill Chill. Ready to relax and shred!

Downhill Chill is waiting for you, professional skiers. Get ready to show off your ultimate skills in exciting winter sports. You will have the opportunity to become technical athletes with eye-catching performances. Make the snow melt with your fiery spirit and conquer a series of difficult levels right away!

How To Play

Explore the Sporty Gameplay

Your task is to control the character moving through beautiful white snow-covered slopes. You need to avoid obstacles and make use of some excellent accessibility tools to try to finish in the top. Performance in stars will depend on your athlete's position on the finish leaderboard.

Players need to be careful of jumps. At that time, you need to adjust the absolute balance so that the character lands safely and continues the performance. Although not every round has an opponent, the shorter the finishing time, the higher your score. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to go to other beautiful islands to experience if you qualify to unlock them.

Drag and Skiing

You hold down the mouse to make the character accelerate and use the left and right arrow keys to navigate and slide to both sides of the terrain. For aerial performances, you hold down the mouse button to make the athlete flip and release to stop in the landing state.

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