Infinite Chef

Infinite Chef

Join Infinite Chef to cook dishes that only you can think of! The ingredients are available in this virtual kitchen. You can become a professional chef now!

Infinite Chef is a harmonious combination of a unique cooking game combined with simple management elements. You can create anything you want without any limitations. In this cooking game, you will become a talented chef, running a restaurant. Your mission is to cook delicious dishes to serve your demanding customers. Your diners come from all over the world with different tastes.

The game requires dexterity; it is not necessary to focus on your execution speed. Prepare to experience a challenging and fun culinary adventure. Every decision you make affects your restaurant's success!

Let’s Cook the Digital Dishes!

First, search for ingredients by entering their names in the lookup bar. Please follow the list of dishes below to choose the correct ingredients. You just need to drag and drop the ingredients you choose into the pot. After completing the preparation step, click on the temperature icon to increase or decrease appropriately.

Explore Unique Features

  • Infinite Chef has an extremely diverse list of ingredients and dishes.
  • The gameplay is simple, so any player can participate.
  • Easy controls that anyone can get used to on the first try.

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