Geometry Dash Full Version

Challenge the charming rhythm-based gameplay of Geometry Dash Full Version and prove your amazing improvisation skills. Can you conquer all the levels?

Geometry Dash Full Version invites you to join an adventurous journey with maps full of dangers. Dynamic rhythm-based gameplay will turn your journey into a unique light and sound party. You will navigate your cube to jump and fly through a series of complex terrains. Besides, you need to take advantage of rings and pads for the most effective operations. Countless spikes, gears, tricky platforms, etc. are all ready to shatter your character if you collide with them. Your task is to guide the character to the end and complete the level.

You will not need to unlock rounds one by one in Geometry Dash Full Version. However, the increasing difficulty is intentionally arranged so that you can become accustomed to it starting from the easiest rounds. In addition to this irresistible attraction, gamers can also adjust the movement speed of their cube. Are you too dizzy with the dazzling pace or simply want to practice to get used to this unique gameplay? Then you should definitely try this game so you can enjoy the rounds in your own way.

How to Play

To navigate your character, you just need to click on any point on the screen or use one of the two keys: the spacebar and the up arrow. If you want the cube to jump continuously, you just need to hold down the command key of your choice.

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