Tacticsweeper explodes onto the scene with a roguelike twist. Can you defuse the ultimate challenge and become a Tacticsweeper legend?

Tacticsweeper will test your luck with analytical, thrilling gameplay. This board game will offer a 10x10 cell. The player's task is to reveal the secrets behind these empty boxes. Behind it can be numbers or mines. The only clues for you to judge the location of mines are the numbers. If you avoid all the dangerous boxes, you will win.

Grasp the Game Rules

  • First, choose a random box to open. Because when starting out, you won't be able to get any hints, so you completely rely on luck.
  • As the numbers gradually appear, you need to analyze them carefully to link them together. A number is a display of the number of mines in the cells surrounding it within a radius of one square. Based on this suggestion, you continue to open the next blank cell.
  • Until every numbered position is revealed and you don't touch any of mine, you will complete the level. The following levels will be much more challenging and tricky.

How to Unlock the Cell

In Tacticsweeper, you just need to click on the empty box you want to flip to take your turn. Note that some upgrades can be used to help the round have better results.

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