Let Wop help you release your anger with deadly punches. Clicker gameplay cannot be more creative waiting for players to enjoy and experience!

Wop introduces you to a delightful action game with techniques that couldn't be simpler. The main characters in this game are Kendrick and Drake. These are two martial arts symbols in Japanese comics. If you have ever known these high-class fighters before, you know their strength. However, in this game, you will only be able to play as one character to attack your opponent.

Discover the Creative Gameplay

The combination of action and idle gameplay in Wop will create an incredibly engaging experience. You can use the command key to attack or activate automatic features. However, to be able to make their character break through the power, the player needs to do it manually. Your character can punch from above or below, use his right hand, and strike with the left hand.

Each 100 points is equivalent to one dollar. Your goal is to win as many bonuses as possible. Once you are eligible for shopping, you can use this in-game money to buy other characters.

Click and Kick!

This simple action game has two controllers to do at the same time:

  • Direction: arrow keys.
  • Attack: the A key, the left-click, the spacebar, or the Enter key.

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